Packing Services in Perth

At AB Removals, to help take the stress out of your move, we offer is packing services in Perth.

We understand that packing and unpacking your contents can be a difficult and debilitating task, that’s why at AB Removals, we have the packing materials, skills and efficiency to ensure that this is completed to the best standard.

Materials Price List

Tea Chest Box$6
Book & Wine Box$4
Butcher Paper Ream (15kg)$50
Bubble Wrap$2 per meter
Port-a-robeRent for $15 or buy for $22
Free mattress covers when moving with us

Save with one of our packages

Small - $85

Medium - $145

Large - $350

8 T/C
8 B/W
1 Tape
2 rolls of Butcher paper
Bubble Rap- 10 m
15 T/C
15 B/W
3 Tape
4 Rolls of Butcher paper
Bubble Rap – 20 m
40 T/C
35 B/W
6 Tape
Butcher paper Ream (15kg)
Bubble Rap – 50 m

Packing and unpacking needn’t be an overwhelming task that you face alone. If you would like to learn more about purchasing our packing products or would like to enquire about our packing services In Perth, then please contact us today on 1300 884 089.