Moving With Kids

PUBLISHED by AB Removals - 19 Jan, 2016

moving-with-kids-ab-removalsWe all love our children, but moving homes with kids (or when you’re expecting) can be a real challenge. We, at AB Removals, have learned some helpful tips and tricks that can help you and your children to experience a stress free move.

Before The Move:

  • Tell your children in advance where, when and why you are moving to help prepare them for the change.
  • Take time to explain to them the benefits of moving, in a way they will be able to understand.
  • Remember, moving can be exciting! So focus on appealing to your child’s inner adventurer.
  • Make the move more concrete by showing your kids maps and pictures to illustrate the change.
  • Get the kids involved with planning and organising their own bedrooms.

During The Move:

  • Focus on involving your kids as much as possible, a good way is to let them mark their own packing boxes.
  • Pack a special bag to take to your new home containing your child’s favourite toys and activities. This will help the transition.
  • Don’t forget to have snacks ready!
  • Unpack the children’s bedrooms first so they can settle in while the rest of the house is still being organised.

After The Move:

  • Plan a family get-together to welcome everyone to your new home. Why not make a cake and sing happy birthday to the new house?
  • Get back into routines, like mealtime and bedtime as soon as possible to provide consistency.
  • Take steps to create familiarity by ensuring your kids feel comfortable in their new rooms. Perhaps a night light or an extra long cuddle before bed is in order?
  • Explore your new neighbourhood as a family. Be sure to stop at the library, visit their new school and play at the local park!