Moving House Checklist

We know that moving can sometimes be stressful that’s why here at AB Removals, we make the whole process easier for you. Our expert team of removalists will get your things from where you are to where you need to be, we can even pack up your belongings for you for just a low simple cost! As the expert removalists In Perth, we’ve decided to put a moving house checklist together to help you prepare for your big move and of course, make you feel less stressed and more organised!

Changing your address at the following organisations:

– Banks
– Driver’s license
– Credit cards
– Workplace
– Online shopping accounts
– Doctors
– Schools
– Friends & family

Transfer/cancel these services:

– Landline (phone)
– Internet
– Paid television (Foxtel, Netflix)
– Electricity
– Water
– Gas

Items you will need for packing:

– Boxes, the more the better, different sizes
– Strong tape
– Scissors
– Tissue paper
– Bubble wrap
– Butcher paper
– Marker pen, bold tip

Things to organise before the move:

– Ensure passports, birth certificates and important documents are placed separately in a folder that is well labelled
– Plan your meals using the items currently in your fridge/pantry
– Organise manuals and warranty files for new home owners
– Store all keys/garage remotes/window keys together for the new owners
– Start to pack your belongings by category, i.e. fragile, kitchenware’s, bathroom, and bedding.

On the day of the move:

– Ensure pets are safely out of the way
– Clean down any surfaces in the house
– Turn off water
– Close windows and blinds
– Final check of the house
– Lock doors

To book your next move with AB Removals or to ask us any questions in regards to your big move, call us on 1300 884 089!